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Hi, I’m Kaitlin

I love it when I look at one of my plants and remember when it was just a seedling that I had reared into the soil, loyally watering and tending to it. Looking back and seeing those plants fully grown, its such a rewarding feeling to pick the fruits and veggies from them to sustain me and my family. I wouldn't say I have a green thumb, just an intense care for raw intentionality. 

That's my philosophy when it comes to telling your stories. They should be organic, raw, intentional, cared for and known deeply. They should be invested in, cultivated and hand-picked with you in mind in a way that sustains a lasting memory and emotion. In a world of cheaply-made, mass produced pop culture, fabricated stories and excuses for nourishing food, I strive to harvest the timeless, authentic moments of your life and preserve them the most sustainable way possible.


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