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Meet Kaitlin

I love it when I look at one of my plants and remember when it was just a seedling that I had reared into the soil, loyally watering and tending to it. Looking back and seeing those plants fully grown, its such a rewarding feeling to pick the fruits and veggies from them to sustain me and my family. I wouldn't say I have a green thumb, just an intense care for raw intentionality. 

That's my philosophy when it comes to telling your stories. They should be organic, raw, intentional, cared for and known deeply. They should be invested in, cultivated and hand-picked with you in mind in a way that sustains a lasting memory and emotion. In a world of cheaply-made, mass produced pop culture, fabricated stories and excuses for nourishing food, I strive to harvest the timeless, authentic moments of your life and preserve them the most sustainable way possible.

I completed my associate’s degree in mass communication at Walters State Community college in 2014. From there I moved to Cleveland, TN to finish my bachelor’s degree in advertising and minor in photography at Lee University by 2016. Those years were major training ground for me where I developed my shooting and editing style. Since then, I married the man of my dreams and started working by day as a copywriter for a private advertising agency. 

Now onto the interesting stuff. I’m a small, quirky and easygoing Tennessee girl with a taste for adventure and a love for food. In my spare time, I'm trying new recipes, thrifting at antique stores, visiting my local farmer's market, writing music and adventuring with my husband and adopted fur baby Gracie. Our little family loves to meet new people, explore what the beautiful southeast has to offer, and to tell the stories of all the wonderful people we meet along the way.

An impactful time for me was when I had the privilege to serve on a missions team in England in 2015 where I was able to pour into the lives of students through music and relationship-building. In that short time, I had to make myself completely vulnerable and share my story of what Christ has done in my life. I quickly learned that’s the best way to connect with others. My life philosophy is to be genuine, authentic and serving because I believe that’s how God uses us to make a difference in the world. Each of us has special gifts and talents that God gives us to use to share his love and grace. That is my mission as a photographer and Christ-follower. I want each person I meet to know that they are loved and important. Each story I have the privilege of telling plays an integral part in this life we live and each one deserves to be told in a beautiful way. 

Growing up, I had a lot of insecurities and struggles that made me doubt my value and worth. I quickly compared myself to others and deemed myself as less than, that my story wasn't good enough to be told. I tried to fill that void in empty relationships, vanity, rebellion and addiction and nothing could fulfill the longing in my heart that only Christ could sustain and provide. Some of you may be in the same situation or have recently overcome those strongholds. My journey has led me to a point of grace that is overwhelmingly freeing and I want others to achieve that and celebrate their journeys as well! Photography is an amazing way to document the milestones, achievements and celebrations in your life that deserve a voice. You deserve to have your story told. 

That’s where I come back in the picture! (or technically behind it) I would be honored to walk alongside you on your life’s journey, not just as a photographer, but as a friend in Christ. It is my privilege to serve you and tell your story in a special way. I promise I’m not always this serious, but I take my job seriously as well as the stories I tell. But trust me, I can be silly too! Just to prove it, I’m eating a hunk of Gouda cheese as I write this. I look forward to meeting you and celebrating life with you! 



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Q & A


Do you hire an assistant photographer?


My husband and I work as a team on wedding days. He is such a HUGE help! He is a trained assistant photographer and maintains the wedding timeline.

Do you put a limit on how many images I get?


Never! I choose the best images from your session, edit and retouch them, then I put them all in a nice, neat gallery for you to enjoy! I never have a fee to purchase images. Only a fee if you request an image to be extensively retouched after your gallery is delivered.

Do you have a travel fee?


I do NOT have a travel fee for the East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and North Georgia regions. Any services requested beyond those regions will require appropriate travel and lodging fees if applicable.

How will I get my images?


Since CD’s and USB’s are risky and inconvenient to mail, I deliver all images via Pixieset, which is a private online cloud-based gallery service where clients have a direct link to download their files and even save favorites! These galleries are secure and can be shared with friends and family with a custom URL link.

Do you sell prints?


I do not offer printing services, however I am a partner with BasicInvite, an online custom print and stationary service. I have an exclusive discount code for clients upon request!