Mr. & Mrs. Smith

It’s always a treat to reconnect with old friends in a way as special as a wedding! Katie & Daniel’s beautiful spring wedding had the added bonus of reuniting with many of my friends from high school. Go Hurricanes! Another special thing was that they got married at the church I attended when I was a teen. It was really sentimental to me because I have so many great memories and adventures in those hallways. It was a great perk for them because I knew where all the good spots were for pictures!

Their special day started with everyone bustling about getting ready and adding the finishing touches to decorations. Everyone was so upbeat and joyful! The guys were downstairs in the youth room playing ping pong while the girls primped upstairs in the chapel. The bridesmaids had adorable matching robes! Katie’s mom helped her into her gown and had the brilliant idea to use a crochet hook to fasten the beautiful buttons on the back of Katie’s dress. When she was all ready, I had her dad step outside the doorway for a first look. He was already in tears of joy before he even turned around to see her! It was by far one of my favorite moments of the day.

As guests were starting to arrive, I snuck Katie and Daniel upstairs to a private stairwell where they could pray together before the festivities. I always try to give each bride and groom the opportunity to have some quiet time together before everything, even if they choose not to see each other yet.

I loved that Katie and Daniel had special live music in their ceremony by their dear friends throughout. Since we were mostly choir kids back in school, it worked out great to add that into the day! The sanctuary is magnificent for weddings because when the music rose to the tops of the vaulted ceilings and the sun beamed through the stained glass, it was as if time stopped when those double doors opened and Katie glowed down the center aisle in a way that took everyone’s breath away!

The ceremony started with a prayer and short message, followed by a unity ceremony where Katie and Daniel tied a unity knot together. After exchanging vows and rings, they sealed their marriage with a kiss! Mr. & Mrs. Smith were properly introduced into the reception where they shared a meal with their loved ones. Another one of my favorite moments of the day was when Katie danced with her father and Daniel danced with his mother. There were a lot of misty eyes in the room! A unique and original part of the reception was when Daniel sang and played an original song that he wrote for Katie. The soft, acoustic music accompanied by his warm voice and the heartfelt lyrics really made everyone stop and remember what was really important about their wedding day. The decorations, food and dancing were great, but that moment was really an important reminder that their commitment to each other and unity with Christ is what really matters most.

After cutting a rug on the dance floor, tossing the bouquet and garter, the happy couple said their farewells and had a proper bubble exit! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

Enjoy highlights of their wedding below!

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