Mr. & Mrs. Skinner

It's amazing how Sarah and I have come full-circle from childhood to her gorgeous wedding day. I remember spending some of my fondest moments as a little girl running around with her at church, birthday parties, sleepovers and camping if I recall correctly. A good portion of my old family photos have her in it with me. One of my favorites is of us handing upside down laughing with our dads holding us by the ankles as if they just fished us out of the lake. From that angle it's definitely arguable that we could pass as sisters.

Fast forward a decade or more and we both have survived college, landed good jobs, and found even more amazing husbands. And I'm honored to say she chose me to capture the culmination of her love story on her wedding day. 

I got so excited when Salvador and I pulled up to the beautiful white farm house in Shelbyville because it looked so much like the venue Salvador and I chose to tie the knot. I got even more excited when the owner drove us around the property to see the numerous ceremony spots and beautiful hideaways just perfect for pictures. It was the perfect grounds for storytelling.

I remember the girls hustling and bustling about the farmhouse getting their hair and makeup done jamming out to hip hop from the early 2000's. The guys were keeping cool in the neighboring bungalow watching TV shows and chatting. Their attire was the perfect blend of ash blue, navy and white with a hint of sage greenery floral accents. The girls arranged their own bouquets!

One thing is for sure, I'm so thankful I have Salvador to help me on wedding days because at this particular wedding, he went above and beyond the photographer's job description and found his inner triple-A car guy. I remember when I was hanging up the girls' dresses to photograph on the porch I heard some car tires slinging gravel. Next thing I see is Salvador coming to the rescue along with some of  the other men to somehow free a bridesmaid's car from teetering on a railroad tie used as a driveway barrier. I'm not sure how they did it, but after some elbow grease they got the car free! I'm sure it made for some funny memories to talk about years down the road. 

After the commotion settled, Sarah's mom Patty helped her into her gown before the bridal party saw her. It was a beautiful and peaceful moment. Shortly after, she did a dress reveal with her bridesmaids and they had a very special prayer time together to see her down the aisle. Salvador took Cody off to a secret waterfall where Sarah and I shortly follow so Sarah and Cody could have a first look. What I loved about their moment was that they wrote special love letters to each other to read before they went to the altar. If it weren't for the rushing waterfall you could have probably heard me sniffling!

When it was time to say "I do," guests made their way through a wooden arbor to a lovely hollow between a row of trees adorned with bistro lights. At the front, the altar was made up of a step stone path leading to a solitary white cross and communion table. Their ceremony was so peaceful and intimate. I loved that they included time to share communion together as husband and wife. It was such a powerful symbol of their commitment to the Lord in their marriage. That's definitely something to celebrate!

And celebrate we did at the elegant barn complete with a barbecue dinner, and a homemade cookie bar with glass milk jugs and striped paper straws! It was so original to Sarah and Cody's relationship because they love making cookies together. I remember Sarah telling me that even when she was young, she always wanted a cookie bar at her wedding reception. What a great Pinterest-worthy idea! (The lemon cookies were my favorite by the way.) 

When the sun began to set, the guests filed along the path to send off the happy couple with well-wishes and lots of love. Congratulations to you both and may Cody give you all the taco bell the world has to offer! ;)


Venue: Grace Valley Farm

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Bridal Gown: David's Bridal 

Groomsmen Attire: Crown & Ivy

Catering: Slick Pig BBQ

Flowers: Import Flowers 


Please enjoy highlights of their wedding below!